PhD Students

Divyaa Balaji

Development and Evaluation of an Intelligent Chatbot for Promoting Sexual Health

Erkan Başar

Developing Artificially Intelligent Conversational Agents Capable of Engaging Meaningful Long-Term Interactions

Anne Horvers

From Cold to Warm Learning Technologies: the Role of Emotion During Learning

Sari Nijssen

Dimensions of Human-Robot Interaction: The Effect of Anthropomorphic Cues on Behavior Towards Robots Across the Lifespan

Simon Provoost

Embodied Conversational Agents in Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression: Bridging the Gap Between Unguided and Guided Interventions

Sanne Tamboer

News Literacy in Early Adolescents: Building a Theoretical Framework for Research and Practical APPlication

Marianna de Sá Siqueira

Chatbot Usability – Studying the Impact of Chatbot Behaviour and User Acceptance

Marieke Wieringa

You’ve Made Me Happy, You’ve Made Me Sad: The Effects of Simulated Emotions of Robots on Affective Responses, Mind Attribution and Moral Considerations

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